Celebrating 50 Years of Francis DIY

In 2017 we're celebrating 50 years of Francis DIY. Started originally by the great Derek Francis at the Bear Flat location pictured below (middle). Then the much loved local business moved to the thriving local shopping district of Moorland Road. A lot of things have changed over the past 50 years, we certainly don't sell 1400 litres of Paraffin a week like we used to! Below are some of the few photographs over the past 50 years that we've been able to find.

Topdec Bear Flat Bath

Below are some of the bygone items!

Lead putty in pounds & ounces
Creosote in quarts & gallons
Turpentine substitute in pints
Paraffin in gallons
In Dec / Jan 1400 gallons a week could be sold most of which was delivered on a Saturday and all within a mile of the shop
And we were just 1 of 3 shops on the Bear Flat selling paraffin
EVERY house had at least 1 paraffin heater in the 60s
Meth spirit in pints
Dichclorobenzene in ounces (moth killer)
Nails in pounds & ounces
Slug pellets &
Growmore &
Fish, blood & bone &
Bonemeal all in pounds & ounces
Grass seed in pounds & stones
Sodium chlorate weed killer in pounds
Screws in dozens or a gross (144)
Glass paper in singles or a quire (25)
Wax candles & tapers in singles
Sash cord in knots (12 yards)
Lock springs in singles
All sold loose in containers brought in by customers no bags or bottles to be recycled !

Derek Francis
Derek Francis

Graham Gillard, Steve Bishton & Derek Francis
Graham Gillard, Steve Bishton & Derek Francis - 1995~1996 approx.

Derek Francis, someone & Rob Sampson
Derek Francis, Chris Fathers & Rob Sampson